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America ruled over India for 200 years: Uttarakhand CM

In another controversial statement after his ‘ripped jeans’ comment, Uttarakhand Chief Minsiter Tirath Singh Rawat made a statement by blaming the US for 200 years of rule in India.

In a statement of comparison between the handling of the Covid-19 cases by India and the US, he stated that “America, which enslaved us for 200 years and ruled the whole world, is struggling”

He stated that it is number one in healthcare infrastructure and is still seen struggling handling the pandemic. He added that who knows what would have happened if India wasn’t being led by PM Modi.

Adding to his list of controversial statements, CM Rawat in another statement said that those poor families struggling to feed themselves in Covid pandemic, should have had 20 children if they wished to procure more ration from the Central government.

“Every household was given five kg rations. If 10 (people in a home) got 50 kg, then 20 got a quintal (100 kg). But some were jealous that two people got 10 kg and 20 got a quintal. Why? When there was time you only gave birth to two... why not 20?" stated Rawat, as reported by news agencies.