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Amber Heard demands to dismiss verdict of defamation case

What: Amber Heard has asked for the Johnny Depp trial verdict to be overturned in court. Her legal team submitted a 43-page memorandum in which they claimed the decision in the case was "inconsistent and irreconcilable" and demanded the case be retried. Heard's legal team argues that the $10 million in damages that she has been ordered to pay Depp are unsupported by "any evidence." Heard's legal team claimed that Depp's team "proceeded purely on a defamation by implication approach, discarding any arguments that Ms Heard's words were truly incorrect." The actress was not aware of the headline of her 2018 article against which Johnny Depp filed the defamation case, the brief added.

When: The official demand was made by Amber Heard's attorney on 1st July.

What's next: Court House News further stated that Johnny Depp’s legal team has dismissed the appeal.