Alphabet memes that are trending on Twitter

• Netizens have found a way to reimagine the way in which the English alphabet is taught.

• For example, one twitter user chose the letter ‘M’ and a dialogue from the movie ‘Raaz’ and tweeted, “M in Mobile phone stands for; “Mere itne karib mat aao main tumhe barbaad kar dungi” (Don’t come so close to me, I will destroy you)

• Another use picked the letter ‘B’ and tweeted, “The ‘B’ in MBBS stands for; “Bas kar bhai” ( Stop it brother)

• One Shah Rukh Khan fan tweeted, “The ‘A’ in Shah Rukh Khan stands for; “Aap greated hai par mai aapse thoda better hu” (You are the greatest, but I am a bit better than you)

• Another use chose ‘A’ and tweeted, “A in passion stands for; “Abba nahi manenge” (Dad will not agree)

• But the most hilarious tweet out of the lot was, “E in Elon Musk stands for; “Ee gola ma ab naahi rehna” (Don’t want to stay on this planet anymore)


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