All you need to know about the political crisis in Pak

  • On Sunday the Pakistan National Assembly was scheduled to vote on the no-confidence motion against Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan

  • While the vote was scheduled for the morning, the voting has been stopped as the deputy speaker refused to admit the motion terming it as 'unconstitutional'

  • Further Pak PM Imran Khan requested the President to dissolve the national assembly

  • It is notable that Imran Khan's career was at stake as a united opposition had tabled a no-confidence motion against the cricketer-turned-politician for a parliamentary session today. If they remain united, Khan is set to fall below the 172 votes needed to survive the no-confidence vote.

  • Further, the Pak Supreme court took suo-moto cognizance of the dissolution of the national assembly. However, the SC has adjourned the hearing and will resume tomorrow

  • Meanwhile, as the tussle between Imran Khan and Army had come to the surface, officials from the army declined any role of the officers in today's events.


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