All you need to know about the escalating Israel-Palestine conflict

• Gaza and Israel are currently engaged in deadly rocket attacks and airstrikes that have already resulted in the deaths of 69 Gazans and 6 Israelis.

• The tensions were fueled by a Jerusalem court’s decision. The court ordered that Jewish families can now claim property rights in Sheikh Jarrah, which is a district in East Jerusalem.

• The tensions lead to weeks of unrest. According to the new Israeli law if it can be proved by the Jews that their family lives in East Jerusalem before 1948, they can demand to take over the property.

• Clashes have erupted between the Palestinian protestors and the Israeli police. Over 200 protestors, mostly Palestinian, and 17 Israeli police officers were injured in the clashes on Friday night.

• The Supreme court was due to rule on the potential eviction of 4 Palestinian families from the disputed neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, which has been postponed.

• Military attacks are said to be intensifying between Hamas and Israel.

• It has been warned by the United Nations that the situation is heading towards a full-scale war.


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