All you need to know about Aurat March

  • This year's Women's Day concept is #BreakTheBias, emphasising that simply acknowledging the existence of partiality would not be enough. To create equality, intervention is necessary. While the entire world is formulating initiatives to maximize women's situations, Pakistani women meet the threat of even being allowed to discuss their concerns in general populace on this day.

  • Pakistan's minister of religious affairs has already insisted that March 8 be designated as Hijab Day. Peculiar in a country where women have become free to wear non-traditional headgear. In addition, there is now an annual Global Hijab Day, which began on February 1st, 2013 in New York.

  • The Aurat March rallies are open to women of all backgrounds, perspectives, and beliefs. Many women in burqas and hijabs march in unison with women in shalwar kameez, some with and others without dupattas. It offers an opportunity to participate in discourse in order to truly comprehend other people's points of view. That is how socially advanced communities find solutions to existing problems.

  • March is Aurat's month. Karachi has been demanding Social Security, as well as Ujrat, Tahaffuz, Sukoon, Salaries, Stability, and Tranquility. Lahore is concentrating on Repair as well as Reform, advocating for rape survivors' justice, reproductive health, as well as transgender rights. Multan is advocating for the new adaptation of the educational system.


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