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All you need to know about Assembly election results 2021, in BRIEF.

  • As five states and union territory went through assembly polls over the past month, results for all these elections were declared today. Read the result, as we present to you in brief:

  1. Assam:

  • In the north-east state of Assam, BJP is all set to capture the power once again. Although the final tally of seats is still unclear but it has been understood that the party has crossed the majority mark of 64 seats.

  • The BJP led NDA alliance is leading in 77 seats, with BJP alone leading in 62 seats and alliance partner Asom Gana Parishad leading in 10 seats.

  • Despite this, Congress party has stated that the Grand Alliance of opposition parties will emerge to form government in the state.

2. Puducherry:

  • In Puducherry, Former chief minister N Rangaswamy's AINRC is ahead in 14 seats in Puducherry. The majority mark in the UT is 16 seats. The regional party is in alliance with the BJP.'

  • The Congress contested 14 of the 30 seats, with DMK contesting 13 and rest going to smaller allies.

  • The AINRC alliance is leading in 14 seats and the Congress alliance in 7 seats.

3. West Bengal

  • Even though results are not completely clear as of now, Mamata Baneerjee's TMC has already crossed the majority mark of 148 seats and is safely way beyond it.

  • CM and party chief Banerjee credited it as 'Bengal' victory'.

  • Her party maintained a comfortable lead in about 200 seats, while the BJP was way beyond and maintained lead in 83 seats

  • After trailing by around 10,000 votes, Mamata Banerjee picked up lead in later hours of afternoon and won her constirutnecy of Nandigram.

4. Kerala

  • The current trends have made it clear that the CPM led Left Democratic Front (LDF) will be coming back to power. Pinaryi Vijayan's leadership of LDF is expected to give the alliance somwhere between 95 to 100 seats in the assembly.

  • Trends at 4:10pm showed that LDF was leading/winning in 91 seats, the congress led United Democratic Front in 41 seats while NDA alliance had no leads.

5. Tamil Nadu

  • In Tamil Nadu, the MK Stalin led DMK alliance is set to form government in the state, as it crossed the majority mark of 118 seat.

  • The alliance led by DMK went on to win over 140 seats and is therefore set to make a return to power in the state after a period of 10 years. DMK was in alliance with Congress party, which contested on 25 seats and other by smaller allies.

  • The other major alliance led by AIADMK was leadning in 90+ seats. The party was in allaince with BJP.