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All Citizens to get Free Vaccine: Centre affidavit to SC

  • The Union Government told the Supreme Court in a late-night affidavit on Sunday that preferential pricing of vaccines by producers for the Centre, provinces, or private hospitals would have no effect on people who would be given the vaccine free of charge.

  • "The price effect (of the vaccines) would have no bearing on the ultimate beneficiary, namely, the qualified individual receiving the vaccine," the Central Government said, "since all state governments have already announced their policy decision that each state will prescribe the vaccine to its citizens, free of charge."

  • "Both the vaccine producers, Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute of India, have announced their respective costs, which are standardized for all state governments, as a result of consultations and "persuasion" by the Central government. It is important to remember that the Central Government, due to its extensive vaccination policy, places larger vaccine procurement orders than state governments and/or private clinics, and that this fact is reflected in the rates agreed "It was said.


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