All about third India-Central Asian Dialogue

  • On December 19 India organised the third India-central Asian dialogue

  • The dialogue focused on building and strengthening ties between the member countries, with a particular focus on trade, connectivity, and development cooperation

  • Indian EAM Jaishankar stated that all the countries of the dialogue shared a deep and historical connection with Afghanistan with concerns and objectives for a true and representative govt, fighting against terrorism and drug trafficking, and preserving the rights of women, children, and minorities in Afghanistan

  • The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Central Asian countries reiterated the support of their countries for permanent membership of India in an expanded and reformed UN Security Council. They welcomed the ongoing non-permanent tenure of India in the UNSC and its priorities

  • Further, all the central Asian countries reiterated their support for the UNSC Resolution 2593 and emphasised optimum utilization of the INSTC route


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