All about Pegasus Leak

  • Pegasus, a High-end security spyware which used by individuals and governments across the world to conduct surveillance has reportedly been used in India.

  • Pegasus is sold by NSO Group of Israel to “vetted governments” may have been used to conduct surveillance on about 300 Indians, including two serving Cabinet ministers at the Centre, three opposition leaders, a Constitutional authority, government officials, scientists and about 40 journalists, according to French media nonprofit, Forbidden Stories, and Amnesty International.

  • Notably Pegasus is acts so subtly that even a missed call can activate spyware in the users mobile phone. Reports said that forensic tests confirmed the targeting of 37 phones, of which 10 – nine iPhones and one Android – were India.

  • This is the second time Pegasus has come into use, the first being during the run up to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

  • The issue has sparked controversy with the Monsoon session all set to begin on 19 July. Notably AAP MP Sanjay Singh has served a notice under Rule 276 to discuss the issue.


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