All about Kamala Harris's visit to Southeast Asia

  • The US vice president Kamala Harris is visiting Southeast Asia in a bid to garner support for US policies

  • In a sharp attack on China, Harris warned China for its incursions in the South China Sea. She stated that its actions there amount to “coercion” and “intimidation” and affirming that the US will support its allies in the region against Beijing’s advances.

  • “We know that Beijing continues to coerce, to intimidate, and to make claims to the vast majority of the South China Sea,” she said in a major foreign policy speech Tuesday in Singapore in which she laid out the Biden administration’s vision for the Indo-Pacific. “Beijing’s actions continue to undermine the rules-based order and threaten the sovereignty of nations.”

  • The US and China have been engaged in a war of words with both accusing each other of imposing high tariffs, expansionist policies, and extra-territorial claims.

  • US along with India, Japan, and Australia has formed the QUAD grouping to counter China's influence in Indo-Paceific region.


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