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Aistrikes by Hamas intensify as World speaks up in support of Israel

  • On Wednesday the new tower building was fired in Hamas by Israelis airstrikes. After May 12 airstrikes at least 130 rickets killed 6 years old boy in South Isreal.

  • A day ago 14 storage building in Gaza was bombarded by Israelis. The Isreal's Defence minister Benny Gantz has vowed more attacks on Hamas by the Islamist militant groups.

  • In a speech, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned "This is beginning".

  • Since Monday Gaza Militants have launched more than 1,000 rockets and carried out 350 airstrikes. It has killed 56 people in Gaza including 14 children and 7 Israelis, even an Indian National was killed.

  • However, 3 Palestinians were killed, 230 Palestinians were injured and 110 Israelis were wounded. Unrest bloodsheds are triggered at Western Jerusalem in the sacred Muslims and Jews land.


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