Air India airlifts 35 tonnes of zeolite from Rome

  • On Saturday, Indian airlines Air India lifted 35 tonnes of zeolite from Rome to Bengaluru.

  • Zeolite is one of the key minerals used in oxygen-production plants.

  • After the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic has struck India, a lot of states have faced an acute shortage for the supply of oxygen.

  • "The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is the charterer for the zeolite consignments," Air India said in a statement.

  • "Seven charter flights have been scheduled between May 15-18 from Rome to Bangalore. This will be followed by eight charter flights from Korea to Bangalore between May 19-22," the statement also said.

  • "Further, we have uplift from the USA through our existing scheduled flights from EWR between May 20-25. The next part of this exercise is from Brussels, Tokyo, and again the USA, in the following weeks," the statement also said.


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