Aftermath of Supreme Court’s stern stand on Air Quality, resultant in a constituted ‘Task Force’

  • The aftermath of the observations made by the Supreme Court yesterday pertaining to the drop in the levels of air quality being categorized as severe were resultant in a ‘task force’ constituted by the acting authorities of the Commission of Air Quality Management. The Supreme Court has been informed that an ‘Enforcement Task Force’ and 17 Flying Squads have been deployed to implement the directives by ensuring coercive action against defaulting entities.

  • The submissions have been filed through an affidavit before the SC in a matter seeking immediate steps to curb the deteriorating levels of the capital’s air quality. The affidavit filed by the Director of the Commission stated that the numbers of flying squads would move to 40, reporting directly to the 5 member Enforcement Task Force.

  • The Top Court has been informed of the Commission’s directives, which entails allowing the operation of industrial units for only 8 hours on weekdays and for a complete shutdown on the weekends if they are not operating on PNG or cleaner fuels.

  • Thermal Plants located within 300 km radius of Delhi will continue to be closely inspected and regulated and only 5 out of 11 thermal power plants have been granted permission for scheduling their operations accordingly with the remaining being directed to be inoperative till at least the 15th December.


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