After Hijab, Bengaluru college asks Sikh girl to remove turban

  • Amidst the ongoing row on Hijab in the state of Karnataka, on Thursday a 17-year old Sikh Amritdhari (baptised) girl was asked to remove her turban.

  • The college, Mount Caramel College, in Bengaluru asked the female student to remove the turban, 'in compliance with the uniform code'.

  • The girl's father, Gurcharan Singh, stated “My daughter, Amiteshwar Kaur who is a student of PU second year and also President of the college (union) was called by the college authorities and asked her that if she could remove her Dastaar (turban) and then come to college. But on this, she politely refused to do so as she is an Amritdhari Sikh.”


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