Afghani soccer player dies after falling from US evacuation plane

• Zaki Anwari, a 19-year old Afghani soccer player fell to his death while trying to flee the country. • A video showing 2-3 people, who were holding on to a US evacuation plane in an attempt to flee the country, falling to their death had gone viral on social media. • It has now been confirmed that one of those people who died was Zaki Anwari.

• The General Directorate of Physical Education and Sport of Afghanistan stated, “Anwari, like thousands of Afghan youths, wanted to leave the country but fell off a US plane and died.” • On the day of the incident, thousands of Afghans went to Kabul airport to try and get on a plane.

• Hearing the news of Taliban taking over in Afghanistan led to widespread panic amongst people. • A video of an Afghan couple handing over their baby to US soldiers at the Kabul airport to take care of the baby made viewers weep.


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