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Afghan MP deported to Istanbul from Delhi

• Rangina Kargar, who is a member of the Afghan parliament stated that she was deported to Instabul after landing in Delhi from Kabul on 20th August.

• She stated that she has visited India many times in the past and hold a diplomatic/official passport and has never been treated this way by the Indian airport authorities.

• She said, “They deported me, I was treated as a criminal. I was not given my passport in Dubai. It was given back to me only in Istanbul.”

• She added, “It was not good what they did to me. The situation has changed in Kabul and I hope the Indian government helps Afghan women.”

• She even went on to state that her deportation must have been result of the political shift in Kabul with Taliban taking over.

• After the incident with Rangina Kargar, two Afghan Sikh MPs were welcome in India on evacuation flights.

• Kargar said, “I never expected this from Gandhiji’s India. We are always friends with India, we have strategic relations with India, we have historic relations with India. But in this situation, they have treated a woman and a member of Parliament like this.”


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