Afghan Foreign Minister on Delhi visit to discuss peace process

  • Afghan Foreign Minister Mohammed Haneef Atmar arrived in New Delhi on Monday for a three-day visit. just days before a crucial meeting on Afghanistan has been scheduled- which is expected to be attended by foreign ministers of both India and Pakistan.

  • The visit will be marked by Atmar holding crucial talks with Foreign Minister S.Jaishankar, NSA Ajit Doval and other officials. The talks are to be centred around diplomatic relations, bilateral and economic relations and the Afghan peace process.

  • The foreign ministers of India and Pakistan are expected to participate in the ministerial meeting of the Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process in the Tajikistan capital of Dushanbe on March 30. It was launched in 2011 by Kabul and Ankara, and is a rare platform focused on Afghanistan that includes both India and Pakistan together.


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