AC Milan Fails to Register Its New Club Crest in The EU

  • The Court of the European Union has recently rejected an appeal that was lodged by AC Milan regarding the use of their wordmark logo internationally. However, the brand representing the Rossoneri club’s crest is not eligible to be registered as a trademark as it is already in use in Germany. The report also notes that Milan’s appeal has been rejected which means that the club will need to regroup again for this matter for coming up with a new strategy this.

  • This case can be traced back to the month of June of 2020 when Milan filed an appeal against the decision of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) where it did not allow the badge to become an international trademark. The reason behind this decision was given that the same was already in use in Germany and was duly registered for products of stationery.

  • “The high phonetic similarity and visual similarity of this sign with the ‘MILAN’ trademark entails a risk of confusion on the part of consumers which prevents their simultaneous protection in Germany as regards stationery products (such as pens, pencils, and notebooks),” the Court said.


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