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About the wedding card from Tamil Nadu that went viral

• Recently, the picture of a wedding card from Tamil Nadu went viral and it left people scratching their heads.

• The wedding card was of a couple’s from Salem named P Mamata Banerjee and AM Socialism and no these names are not made up, these are their real names.

• The wedding card had been out in ‘Jana Sakthi’ which is the Tamil mouthpiece of the CPI.

• Its not only the couple that has a weird name, but everybody in the family is also said to have a unique political name.

• The father of the groom, A Mohan is also the District Secretary of the Communist Part of India. He has three sons, named Communism, Leninism and Socialism. His grandson is named Marxism.

• Salem is said to be the home of many people named after leaders and countries like Vietnam, Czechoslovakia, Moscow, Russia etc.

• The bride’s grandfather is a congressman, and he is the one who named the bride after politician Mamata Banerjee.