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About the oldest living aquarium fish in the world

• The oldest living aquarium fish named Methuselah likes to get belly rubs and eat fresh figs.

• The fish has been named after Noah’s grandfather Methuselah in the Bible who was said to have lived for 969 years.

• It is believed by the biologists at the California Academy of Sciences that the fish is about 90 years old and has no living peers.

• The fish is 4-foot-long and weighs 40-pound.

• The Australian lungfish was brought to the San Francisco Museum, where it resides currently, in the year 1938 from Australia.

• The fish’s keeper stated, “I tell my volunteers, pretend she’s an underwater puppy, very mellow, gentle, but of course if she gets spooked, she will have sudden bouts of energy. But for the most part she’s just calm.”


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