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About the doctor who can feel other’s pain

• Joel Salinas is a neurologist from Massachusetts who can feel other patient’s pain. • Salinas has mirror-touch synesthesia which is a neurological trait that causes him to feel emotional and physical sensations of others and affects only 2 out of 100 people.

• Salinas first saw a man die when he was in medical school. Recalling his experience he said, “Someone is doing compressions and as this is going on, I’m feeling the compressions on my chest aa if it were happening on my body. As he died, I felt this kind of hollow slipping sensation and after that i ran into the bathroom and threw up.”

• Salinas has stated that his condition is like a glitch in his wiring where he feels physically on his body what he sees other people going through or feeling. • The neurologist sees this as a heightened form of empathy.


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