About Sir Richard Branson’s trip to space

• Sir Richard Banson succeeded in reaching the edge of space on his Virgin Galactic rocket plane.

• The trip is said to have made him the first of the new space tourism pioneers to try out their own vehicles. He beat Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk in the rain.

• Branson stated that the trip was the experience of a lifetime.

• Branson’s rocket plane, known as Unity, reached the height of 85km (282,000ft; 53 miles).

• Sir Richard Branson was accompanied by two pilots; Dave Mackay and Michael Masucci and three Galactic employees; Beth Moses, Colin Bennett and Sirisha Bandla.

• The three Galactic employees and Branson were presented with commercial astronaut wings after the flight by Chris Hadfield, a former space station commander and Canadian astronaut.

• Sir Richard said the flight was just a test of the space tourism experience that he will begin selling to customers from next year.

• He stated, “I have had my notebook with me, and I’ve written down 30 to 40 little things that will make the experiences for the next person who goes to space with us that much better.”


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