About one of the smartest children in the world

• 12-year-old Barnaby Swinburn was accepted into Mensa after getting a figure of 162, which is said to show an intelligence level higher than that of the infamous physics genius Albert Einstein.

• Barnaby was found to be a part of the top one percent in one test and top four percent in the second.

• His mother Ghislaine stated, “Math is something Barnaby has always stood out in because he enjoys it- sitting the Mensa test was his idea. We don’t push him to do anything- he made all his decisions for himself on this.”

• According to his mother, Barnaby went to her and his father and told them that he wanted to sit a Mensa test so that he could understand himself better.

• Mensa welcomes anyone with an IQ which outs them in the top two percent of the world population.


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