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About India’s first wedding reception to be hosted in Metaverse

• A couple from Tamil Nadu is set to host a wedding reception in Metaverse.

• Dinesh SP and Janaganandhini Ramaswamy will marry in Sivalingapuram village in Tamil Nadu with a Hogwarts-themed digital reception which will be attended by family and friends.

• Dinesh, a project associate with IIT Madras, decided to have a reception on Metaverse while his fiancée approved and appreciated the idea.

• Metaverse is a virtual reality where people from different parts of the world can live and interact with the help of digital avatars in virtual reality.

• The couple took to Twitter, declaring India’s first marriage on Metaverse.

• The couple will be dressed in traditional clothes, whereas the guests will have log in details and an avatar to attend the reception inspired by the Harry Potter universe.


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