About India’s first trans photojournalist

• 26-year-old Zoya Thomas Lobo is recognized as India’s first trans photojournalist.

• Lobo used to beg in trains and shops for her survival but when COVID-19 struck, it put an end to her means of earnings.

• Lobo starred in a short film, ‘Hijra: Shrap ki Vardan part 2 (Hijra: curse or blessing) for which she received an award.

• It was only after being honored that she discovered her interest in photography. She saved up enough money to buy herself a professional camera and that is where her journey of becoming India’s first trans photojournalist began.

• Currently working as a freelancer for Fight Against Crime, which is a website that reports crimes around and in Mumbai, Lobo stated, “I wish to join a media firm as a dull-time photojournalist so that I don’t need to beg again. I want to refine my skills and teach them to other people from the community so that they can live a life of dignity as well”.


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