8th Farmers-Centre meeting today. Read the latest developments

  • After a gap of a weeks, a new round of meeting between the Centre and the farmer leaders was scheduled today at 2pm at the Vigyan Bhavan in Delhi. 3+ hours since the beginning of the meeting, the meeting is still on. Here's the important developments-

  • Although there was no agenda from the side of the Government, the farmer leaders had set an agenda that they wish to be focused on in the meeting, this includes-

  1. The modalities to be adopted for the repeal of the three farm laws.

  2. Mechanisms to be adopted to make remunerative MSP recommended by the National Farmers' Commission into a legally guaranteed entitlement for all farmers and all agricultural commodities.

  3. Amendments to be made and notified in the "Commission for the Air Quality Management in National Capital Region and Adjoining Areas Ordinance, 2020" to exclude farmers from the penal provisions of the Ordinance; and

  4. Withdrawal of the draft Electricity Amendment Bill 2020 to protect the interests of farmers

  • As said by the Agricultural minister, Narendra Tomar, today's meeting was to be decisive and the government hopes to resolve the issue before the year end.

  • The meeting has ended after 4 hours of discussion. There is consensus over two points of the agenda as to the removal of electricity and stubble burning ordinance.

  • Repeal of laws still isn’t acceptable to the centre. Centre is also adamant its demand of continuing with laws. The centre has suggested constituting a committee. The next round of meeting is scheduled to take place on January 4.


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