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74 yr-old demands justice since 16 years of her son's killing

· A 74 years old woman from Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir since 16 years is fighting a lonely battle for her killed son. Santosh Kumari, the mother of the deceased son, had been fighting a long battle for justice. She has poor eyesight but is not ready to give up.

· Santosh Kumar is currently staying with her nephew Subhash Sharma. On the basis of an application sent by her to the Deputy Commissioner of Rajouri the investigation of her Son's killing proceeded.

· Yet, Jammu and Kashmir police haven’t registered an FIR in this case. Her late son Surinder Kumar was allegedly killed by army sentry on October 1, 2005. After the murder of her son, she is fighting for justice and running from one office to another.

· This case was registered as an accident not an FIR against the suspect army sentry.

· Deceased mother Santosh Kumari claims "on the day of the incident his son requested the army sentry not to shoot him. He said he was a local hindu from Nowshera town and a Brahmin man but army sentry did not listen to him and shot him dead".

· She added "later the army sentry started to clean blood by pouring water and putting sand on the dead body. After sometime the locals took the body for cremation and since then she is crying for justice for her son's killing".

· According to the reports, officers tried to solve this matter by private negotiation with commander SummerSingh of 80 Brigade and also agreed to provide a job for the deceased mother. But Santosh Kumari the mother of the deceased hasn't accepted any negotiation offer only she demands her son's killing.

· However, the army officers have promised her to give a job to one of her family member for her livelihood but this promise is not fulfilled. The army authorities were asked to appear before office but they refused to be present.