7 men arrested in UP for stealing clothes from dead bodies

• On Sunday, seven people were arrested in Baghpat in western Uttar Pradesh for stealing clothes of the dead from crematorium and burial ground.

• According to the police, the accused used to steal shroud used to cover the dead bodies, their clothes, sarees, among other things.

• Alok Singh, Circle officer stated, “Among the items recovered are: 520 bedsheets, 127 kurtas, 52 white sarees and other articles of clothing.”

• He said that the police also found out that some clothing merchants from the area had cut a deal with these men and paid them ₹300 for a day’s loot.

• He added, “Of the seven arrested three are from the same family. These people have bee stealing for the last 10 years. since, they have been arrested during the coronavirus crisis, other than stealing they will also be charged with the Epidemic Act.”


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