5 things India can expect from the new Pak PM

  • As Pakistan witnesses, a change of guard the neighbouring country with which it has remained at loggerheads for a long is closely following the development

  • The shift in power has resulted in a rise in the nationalist sentiment upsurge in the county even as Imran Khan tried to build a Naya Pakistan

  • Further, this has once again proven the supremacy of the army in the country and put a seal on the fact that Pakistan is indeed an army-state. The fall out of Imran Khan with the army over the appointment of the ISI chief is said to be a major factor regarding the former’s exit

  • Meanwhile, the new PM has said that while they expect good relations yet there cannot be any lasting and durable peace without Kashmir

  • Lastly, He also asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to come forward to address the Kashmir issue so that the two countries could concentrate on tackling poverty, unemployment, shortage of medicines and other issues on the two sides of the border.

  • Hence as the leaders congratulate the countrymen on the advent of Purana Pakistan, it needs to be seen whether this new-version of Purana Pakistan 2.0 will be able to solve the crisis Pakistan faces and take the country out of economic debts


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