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5 reasons why Capt. Amarinder Singh resigned

  • Congress chief minister Capt. Amarinder Singh resigned from his post on Saturday. Five reasons that can be attributed to this move are

  • Lack of accessibility: MLAs of Congress started turning against captain over growing inaccessibility of the chief minister and increasing bureaucratization

  • Intra-Party Political Tussle: Although it seemed that the congress had been able to avert a major storm by making Sidhu President of the Pradesh Congress Committee, however, the station now tells that all was not well

  • Lack of deliverability of promises: Perhaps the other reason being that Captain failed to deliver his election promises like investigating into Sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib and was accused of being soft on Badals

  • Humiliation: The major reason for resignation which Amarinder Singh stated himself was the increasing humiliation that he was facing

  • Poor Congress Leadership: Perhaps it is now more than evident how poor high commands leadership is the reason that crisis came to the fore and will probably cause damage to the party in the 2022 elections

  • Parties like BJP have been strongly tackling intra-party tussles and replacing CMs like in Gujarat, however, Congress probably failed to keep its house intact due to poor leadership. The selection of future CM will speak on teh fortunes of Congress for 2022