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5 points why India is helping Sri Lanka

  • The crisis in the island nation of Sri Lanka is spiralling with many residents taking onto the streets against the government and some sailing in boats to reach the Indian coasts

  • India is deeply interested in helping Sri Lanka to tide over the crisis since the government wishes to invest in the nation

  • Further major inroads made by China have been a worry for India since it tends to increase the clout of China in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR)

  • Moreover, the Belt and Road Initiative of China and the string of pearls if materialised will prove to be disadvantageous to the Indian traders and the export economy of the country

  • India's help would also consolidate its position in the BIMSTEC regional alliance

  • Lastly, China continues to be the largest lender to Sri Lanka and aims to monopolize the island nation through its debt diplomacy. India perhaps seems to take on the opportunity and prove to be a trustworthy friend of Sri Lanka


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