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5 major facts about the IPCC assessment report

  • The 6th Assessment report of IPCC stated that The most ambitious emission pathways would lead to the warming be achieved in the 2030s, overshoot to 1.6 degrees C, before the temperatures drop back again to 1.4 degrees C by the end of the century.

  • Coastal areas will see continued sea-level rise throughout the 21st century, contributing to more frequent and severe coastal flooding in low-lying areas and coastal erosion with extreme sea-level events

  • Further, it highlighted that natural disasters and unexpected events like floods, excessive rainfall, inundation of cities, droughts, heat waves will be more frequent

  • For the first time, it stated that current efforts to save the environment would show substantial results after two three decades

  • The IPCC itself foresees further weakening of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation in the decades ahead, with disagreement over the possibility of collapse before 2100. Such an event would weaken monsoons in Africa and Asia, strengthen them in the Southern Hemisphere and dry out Europe