3 Lakh Remdesivir Vials To Be Produced Daily In India

  • The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has created turmoil in the whole country.

  • The rising cases have caused the shortage of oxygen supply, Remdesivir injections, ICU beds, and several other medical facilities that are crucial for the treatment of COVID-19.

  • One of the key injections that are needed for the treatment of COVID-19 is Remdesivir.

  • Its shortage has increased to such an extent that people are selling it in the black market at higher prices. The injection costs around ₹3000-₹5000 but it is being sold at a whopping price of around ₹18,000-₹20,000 in the black market.

  • Today, the government in the meeting has decided to produce 3 lakh Remdesivir vials daily in order to ensure the availability of injections. These injections will be supplied to the open markets daily.

  • The Union Chemical and Fertilizer Minister Mansukh Mandaviya informed ANI about the government's decision. Within two weeks, necessary arrangements will be done to mange the production.

  • "At present, 20 plants are producing Remedesivir and 20 more plants have been approved for the production of this injection by the Government of India. The government is constantly trying to produce more and more Remdesivir in the coming days," the minister said.

  • "Negotiated with all the producers of Remdesivir companies to reduce the price, and yesterday all the companies have reduced their retail price from more than ₹5,000 to below ₹3,500. This will benefit COVID-19 patients," the minister also said.


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