3,300 criminals shot at in UP encounters

  • The state of Uttar Pradesh has been witnessing what has been termed by many police officers as 'Operation Langda' (Lame).

  • Since March 2017, since the Yogi government came into power, at least 3,302 alleged criminals in 8,472 encounters have been shot at and injured by the UP encounters. Most of them are left with bullet wounds on their legs. About 146 of these alleged criminals have been killed.

  • However, at the official level, the Police department refuse to state that there is any such operation in the state. Instead, they point out the number of police fatalities in these years. They state that the primary aim is to arrest the person.

  • In January 2019, the Supreme Court referred to a string of such killings and said they require “serious consideration”. The Opposition has also raised their voice against such a policy in the state.


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