3,000-year-old form of racism being challenged by anti-caste activist

• Chetan Kumar is the name of the guy who started questioning and challenging India’s 3,000-year-old Hindu caste system that relegates Dalits as untouchables.

• Chetan is a popular actor and an anti-caste activist from South India.

• Chetan had posted three videos on his Twitter and Facebook account; the first video had been posted on 27th May.

• Complaints from a government department that oversees maintaining the right of Hindus who are born into the privileged Brahmin caste, Karnataka states’ Brahmin Development Board triggered a police investigation into Kumar’s social media posts.

• Since then, Kumar has been called to his local police station thrice in the last month.

•Kumar stated, “They questioned me for several hours, asking me why I tweeted the things I did.

• He added that this is a way to silence voices that demand equality and justice.


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