25,000 Tonnes Of Onions Left In Govt’s Buffer Stock

  • 25,000 tonnes of onions left in the government’s buffer stock, NAFED Managing Director Sanjeev Kumar Chadha announced on Friday. The present stock will too get exhausted in the first week of November. The cooperative is presently offloading onions from the stock.

  • After the prices of onion surged, the agency intervened to maintain the prices.

  • "So far, 43,000 tonnes of onion has been disposed of from the buffer stock. After some wastage, about 25,000 tonnes onion is left which will be available till the first week of November," Chadha said.

  • The cooperative has already purchased 1 lakh tonnes of onions.

  • The cooperative is being maintained in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.


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