1st blind Asian man to become record-setting climber of Mt.Everest

• A 46-year-old man from China has become Asia’s first blind man, and the world’s third to scale the peak of Mt. Everest from the Nepal side.

• Zhang Hong stated that he wishes to travel to North and South pole and aims to climb the highest peaks of all seven continents.

• He is said to be the only third blind climber to reach the highest peak on the planet in the world.

• He was inspired by Eric Weihenmayer, a blind American climber, who had scaled Everest in 2001.

• The second blind person to reach the peak was a climber from Austria.

• Zhong carried bags packed with 30 kilograms of weight up the staircase of the hospital where he works as a masseur to train before climbing Mt. Everest. He trained for a total of five years.

• He shared the news on Twitter, thanking his family, his guides, the folks at Fokind hospital and Asian Trekking for being supportive of his journey.


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