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19-year-old in Assam forced to wrap curtain over shorts in Assam for entrance exam

• Appearing for an entrance exam in Assam, a 19-year-old was forced to wrap curtain around her legs and over her shorts by an invigilator.

• The news of incident has led to outrage and accusations against the invigilator of being gender biased. • The incident has led to the university ordering an inquiry into the matter.

• The incident occurred on 15th of September. The 19-year-old was appearing for an entrance exam at AAU, the Assam Agricultural University, when an invigilator present in the examination hall raised objection to her wearing shorts.

• The authorities were involved by the girl who stated that no dress code was mentioned on the admit card.

• Her father, Mr. Tamuli rushed to the nearest market to get his daughter a pair of trousers but by the time he returned, the authorities had handed a curtain to the girl to wrap around her legs which she eventually did and sat down to write her paper.