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181 votes polled at a polling booth with 90 registered votes

  • The Election Commission on Monday suspended six poll officials after it had discovered that 181 votes had been polled at a polling booth in Assam's Dima Hasao district which had only 90 voters registered.

  • The district is located in Assam's Haflong constituency, where elections were held on April 1 and the district had recorded about 74% voter turnout. The seat was won by BJP candidate in the last term.

  • The President and the first Polling officer have admitted in their statement that they allowed for voters registered at the main polling station, to cast their votes at Dima Hasao, which was an auxilliary polling station.

  • According to reports, the Election Commission has ordered a re-poll at this booth. however, there still isn't an official report or statement out yet.