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1800-year-old face mask worn by Romans excavated in Turkey

• A part of an 1800-year old mask said to have been worn by the Roman soldier has been excavated by archeologists in Turkey.

• The excavation was conducted by a team of archeologists from Turkey’s Karabuk University.

• The site from where the important piece has been discovered is said to have been under observation since 2003 and nearly 14 structures including a theatre, two baths, two churches, a villa, rock tombs and the squared fortifies building have been discovered in the past 18 years.

• The recently discovered cavalry mask was found in the square fortifies building, a monumental niche.

• The lead archeologist stated, “We guess from the fortification wall in the building that this is a military structure. An iron mask was unearthed during excavations here.”

• The discovery of this cavalry masks is significant because it confirms that the Roman empire did extend into Turkey.