14 out of 24 states in India restrict women from working at night: Report

  • The State of Discrimination report released by Trayas Foundation found out that 14 out of 24 states in India restrict women from working at night

  • The report has analysed the laws of states across India and found out that women face gendered bias at the workplace due to the existing laws

  • While states like Andhra Pradesh have emerged as the most liberal states in terms of ensuring gender equality for women several other states like Bihar can be found at the bottom of the index

  • However as per the report, 'Some states have amended their Act to allow women to work between 7 PM and 6 AM. Three states—Madhya Pradesh (2015), Maharashtra (2015), and Uttar Pradesh (2017)—have eased restrictions on women’s employment in the night shift by amending Section 66(1)(b) of the Factories Act. These states substituted the prohibition on the employment of women with conditions-based exemptions.'

  • In order to achieve its targets under Sustainable Development Goal No. 5 Indian states will have to go an extra mile to ensure gender equality in letter and spirit

  • The full report can be accessed at www.trayas.org


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