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13th round of Indo-China military talks

  • India and China's military officials held talks on Sunday which however proved to be inconclusive

  • The Indian army said that although it had offered constructive solutions to Chinese officials yet the latter did not agree to it

  • In a sharp remark to the comment, Chinese Western Theatre Command spokesperson Senior Colonel Long Shaohua said that Instead of misjudging the situation the Indian military should cherish the hard-won areas in the China-India border

  • The talks were held after a gap of two months. The inconclusive talks indicate a second successive harsh winter for the Indian army where the temperature drops to minus 30 degrees coupled with low oxygen levels

  • China is wary of disengagement at Hot springs-Kongka La and patrolling point 15 because the region is east of the traditional base of Chinese which marks the border between two of China's sensitive provinces, namely Tibet and Xinjiang