13th round of India-China Military Talks collapse

  • The 13th round of military talks between the commanders of the Indian and Chinese Armies in Ladakh broke down on Sunday, as a consensus could not be reached.

  • The Indian Army in it's statement stated that the Chinese side 'was not agreeable and could not propose any forward looking proposals'.

  • The Indian Army further stated that during the meeting several efforts were made by the Indian side to arrive at a solution for the remaining contentious areas but, the Chinese side refused to budge.

  • The talks lasted for eight and half hours on Sunday. While consensus on issues could not be arrived at, it was agreed that the two sides will continue to maintain communication and ensure stability on the ground till the next round of talks.

  • The talks took place over two months after the last round of negotiations that resulted in the disengagement of troops from Gogra (Patrol Point-17A).


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