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13-year-old girl raped by SHO in UP after being gang-raped by 4 men

• A 13-year-old went to a police station to file a report against 4 men who had gang raped her but the SHO, instead of listening to her complaint, raped her again.

• Tilakdhari Saroj was later arrested at the station after he was caught on the run in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

• The father of the victim stated that his daughter was lured by 4 men who gang raped her in the state of Madhya Pradesh over the space of 4 days.

• The girl went to the police station the next day with her aunt to report the incident.

• Saroj took the girl in a separate room and raped her before handing her back to her aunt.

• According to reports, the officers working at the station during the time of the incident have been removed.