11th Centre-Farmers’ Meeting today

  • The 11th round of meeting between the farm union leaders and the Centre was scheduled for today at 12pm at Vigyan Bhavan.

  • The meeting comes after the previous meeting on January 20th, where the government presented a proposal to stay the implementation of the laws for 1.5 years.

  • The farm union leaders had however taken time to respond to the proposal. After a meeting yesterday, that extended for more than 8 hour, the union leaders rejected the Government’s proposal.

  • Today’s meeting also started later than the scheduled time. The Government is reported to have expressed unhappiness regarding the farm union leaders issuing a press notice for their decision of rejecting the proposal.

  • Narendra Tomar and Piyush Goyal have left the meeting hall. Both ministers said that govt has exhausted its options on resolution. Sanjay Aggarwal is addressing the union leaders. Union leaders visibly upset.

  • Meeting has ended. It was inconclusive. Friction persisted as there has not been another date set for the next meeting. Farm Union leader Chaduni said that the union leaders wish to have another meeting but only after the Kisaan Parade on January 26.


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