105-year-old man and his 95-year-old wife beat Covid

• In Maharashtra’s Latur a 105-year-old man and his 95-year-old wife have recovered from COVID-19.

• Dhenu Umaji Chavan and his wife Motabai Dhenu Chavan were hospitalized for 10 days in Vilasrao Deshmukh Institute of Medical Sciences in Latur.

• Dr. Sudhir Deshmukh said, “The two patients were admitted here by their children on 25th March. We examined them. They had fever and breathing problems at the time. the elderly couple were put on oxygen support and were also given doses of the antiviral from time to time.”

• He further stated, “Our doctors took care of the best and they recovered in 10 days. We discharged them on April 4th when all of their tests case appropriate.”


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