104-year-old woman beats COVID, not once but twice.

• Carmen Hernandez was discharged from a Colombian hospital after recovering from COVID-19 for the second time in a year.

• She was accompanied by a resounding round of applause from the hospital staff.

• Carmen had been diagnosed with COVID-19 in June last year and was treated in the San Jose nursing home where she has stayed for 25 years.

• She had gotten vaccinated in February this year after the vaccine rollout.

• She tested positive for COVID-19 in March for the second time. This time she had been admitted to the San Rafael de Tunja University Hospital and was kept in the ICU, being closely monitored by doctors and nurses.

• She recovered this week and could be discharged and was taken in an ambulance to her care home.

• A health worker at Carmen’s care home stated that she is an elderly patient with an excellent physical capability because she resisted the virus for the second time.


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