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100 days of Farmers’ Protests. Read the latest updates.

  • The farmers agitating against the three farm laws on different borders of Delhi, have entered 100th day of protest on Saturday, March 6.

  • To mark the hundred days, the farmers today blocked the Kundli–Manesar–Palwal (KMP) Expressway from 12-4 pm.

  • The day was marked by farmers from different age groups blocking the six lane national expressway with their tractors, cars. Those at their houses, supported the agitation by holding rallies in their home states and carrying black flags.

  • Meanwhile, farmer union leaders are holding Mahapanchayats in different corners of India to garner support for the agitation and creating awareness about the ills of the farm laws.

  • On Monday, March 8, farmers will also be marking the International Women’s Day with groups of women arriving from different villages at the protest sites.