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We believe in free speech and in the same way we are launching The Brief Bulletin as a forum that accepts quality articles (without considering past work experience) on a wide era of fields with readers from around the globe. 

This is a way to share with the public your fascinating writings and opinions. 


  • Field of topics:


  • Politics & Governance

  • Economics

  • International Affairs

  • Law

  • Science & Technology

  • Society, culture, gender & mental health

  • Offbeat


  • Guidelines for Submission:


- Send us an E-Mail with "Article" written in the subject at thebriefbulletin@gmail.com with your name, contact details. 

- Article Regulations:

1) The Article should not have been published anywhere. 

2) The Article should be sent in docs format only.

3) Refrain from using citations from unreliable sources or incorrect information, which makes your content susceptible to being rejected.

4) Write in the subject of the mail "Pitch for Article"; the body should have your name, details, contact number in the body of the mail.

5) Include citations (if any) in the correct format in the article.

- The Article would then be reviewed by the Editorial Board.

- If Accepted, you will receive an acceptance email from The Brief Bulletin. Acceptance can be of two types; one, for the Articles Section and two, for the Editorial section (subject to the discretion of the Editorial team).

- We follow a policy of active acceptance and passive rejection therefore, if you don't get a response from us in 3 days, then you are free and entitled to use/submit your article elsewhere.


We are entitled to refuse the content which:

• Is plagiarised, dictates wrong facts or highlights unethical standards

• Divides the society

• Hampers the pluralistic model fabric

• Goes against any religion

• Abuses freedom of speech/expression

• Promotes hate 

• Abuses / hampers democracy

• Attacks on the rights of minorities

• Targets individual harassment

; Or anything equivalent or even vaguely comparable


*Please note that we reserve the right to refrain from publishing due to unsuitability, or make minor amendments to the article if required.


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